Angels of God

The bible says "Be careful lest you entertain angels unaware." Angels can appear exactly like us. It would be no surprise to encounter angels who are black or white or brown, or any other color for that matter. These pieces show the reality of that.

Women of God

Women of God have always been a powerful force in the body of Christ. Even though women have qualities unique to them, they also carry the power of God within them to fulfill the plans and purposes of God. I try to convey both in the art I create.

Warriors of God

David said "Let the high praises of God be in my mouth and a two-edged sword in my hand." Regardless of our callings, we are are called to be warriors, willing to do battle and set the captives free. In these images I try to capture a holy boldness those in Christ possess.

The Kingdom of Heaven

The artwork presented on this site is only a reflection of those things I have seen and experienced in the realm of the spirit. I have tried my best to show the majesty of what I have seen but to be honest the work I have done pales in comparison to the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven and all comprised therein that I have witnessed. Still, I hope these works cause you to think about the things of Heaven and I pray you are blessed and encouraged.